This morning I settled back with a cup a coffee, enjoying a moment of peace, and asked God to speak to me. I picked up Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and here is what God had to say:

Jesus Calling 4-25-16

No truer words could have been said to me today. That’s just how God works. I especially love the analogy of how a spinning ballerina needs to return her eyes to a given point to maintain balance; so must we fix our eyes on Jesus to maintain balance. I certainly do not have the grace of a ballerina – except one that is spinning out of control – which is exactly how I’ve felt lately. I’m sure many of you know that feeling and would agree that it’s not good. My prayer today for you and me, is that we will give God the chaos in our lives and leave it with Him. He knows what to do with it! May your day be filled with God’s grace and peace!